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Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara

Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara 

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BRAND NEW FORMULA  - Dreamweave now has a built in lash conditioner called "WIDE LASH" that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days!

Dubbed  "eyelash extensions in a tube" by the UK Press, the silicone formula coats each lash with a fibrewrap, giving the wearer dramatically longer and completelly smudge free flutter.

When Dreamweave mascara is applied it gives a weightless lengthening and flexible flutter with no smudges, clumps or panda eyes.  With its 'go to bed' formulation you can wake up and still be mascared!


Used by top make-up artists, this celebrity mascara is hot in the industry right now. As featured in Fabulous Magazine, The Daily Mail Femail, Cosmopolitan etc. etc.


Designed to give you beautifully long lashes for an inordinately protracted period, DreamWeave has been hailed as ‘eyelash extensions in a tube’.


DreamWeave creates a striking look in moments that will last up to three days.  DreamWeave is easily removed with any cleanser.


Already a favourite of celebrities and TV make-up artists, DREAMWEAVE gives dramatic length in just one stroke, waving goodbye to falsies and expensive extensions.


No more dreaming - get weaving!

6ml in Black only!
As seen in:  Harpers Bazaar, Wedding, London Wedding, The Star, Shout, Love it, No. 1 Magazine, Confetti Magazine, Absolutely Fulham to name but a few!

The New Must Have Mascara Review

After reading buckets full of reviews about a new mascara called Lashconstruct that had sold out in the UK in just two days, I decided to contact my friends in the ”industry know” to see if they had heard about it and if anyone had reviewed it. I received a fair amount of comments back, excited raves, positive reviews and a few ones communicating their sheer frustration of not being able to get hold of one as it had sold out so quick.


Forever a lover of challenges I was determined to track down this mascara as soon as I possibly could, if it’s got all the celebrities talking, then I must just simply have one.


So was it all hype or is it really a dream mascara?

Firstly the appearance; the actual matt gold container is really classy and rivals any other leading designer brand packaging. The wand is just the right size so it gives good coverage in a few strokes and using the tip allows you to get in to the corners for those harder to reach lashes. Application is easy and depending on what look you want to achieve this mascara will give you defined and lengthy looking lashes in the day or if you keep building it up, will give you luscious and fuller lashes for the evening.
The mascara is very quick drying, so I would recommend that you complete your desired look on one eye first before applying it to the other, the silicone shield will then dry around each lash. I also found it pleasant to wear, it is weightless, I like to pile on my mascara so many products, when built up, can feel really heavy and they can flake too, I experienced none of that with Lashconstruct . The major positive points are that it doesn’t flake, it feels light to wear, its smudge free and it doesn’t leave you with black eyes when removing it.

For me, LashConstruct deserved all the hype that it got, it is simply a great product and in my opinion the best mascara I have found and used since I trained as a makeup artist many years ago. DreamWeave is a winning formula with its ‘WIDE LASH’™ silicone wrap technology and knowing that this new system will also strengthen my eyelash root and stem makes it truly the dream mascara for me.


What is the difference between Lash Construct Mascara and Lash Magnet Mascara??



Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara (gold tube)  uses  ‘WIDE LASH’™ technology that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days.


When Dreamweave mascara is applied it gives a weightless lengthening and flexible flutter with no smudges, clumps or panda eyes. With its ‘go to bed’ formulation you can wake up and still be mascared.

Dreamweave Lashconstruct Mascara is the mascara of your dreams - it creates a striking look in moments that can lash up to three days!

Loved by Celebrities:  this mascara has been tweeted about many times and is a hot favourite in the industry right now and your make-up bag must have!

Dreamweave Lash extension Magnet mascara (black tube).  Silky Magnetic nylons in a tube - the nearest thing to professional lash extensions!!


This is the latest innovative mascara to date, "Lash Extensions"


The newest mascara to date, this amazing new improved formula, using the original silicone mixed with nylon, to stretch each lash with a silky nylon formulation providing the wearer with the nearest thing to professional lash extensions.


Dubbed the "eyelash extensions in a tube" by the press, it coats each lash with a silicone lash lengthening, locking wrap, giving the wearer a dramatically longer and completely smudge free flutter which lasts.  This new generation mascara has a flexible wand which sweeps through the lashes effortlessly creating a dramatic effect.


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