Plump It!

Here are 7 great reasons why you need Plump It! in your life!

  1.  Great non-surgical alternative to lip fillers – it’s clinically tested and totally safe!
  2.   Unlike most other lip plumping products, Plump It! soaks into your lips and never goes sticky, allowing you to apply products on top.
  3.   A whole load of celebrity fans love it ….. and Plump It! has a following of over 200,0000!!
  4.   One application can last up to 12 hours, keeping your pout on point all day!
  5.   Costing less than £20 for a pen that typically lasts you for 2-3 months, it’s super affordable.
  6.   No sticky, messy mixing chambers that don’t mix properly, no having to turn a dial to get your desired setting, just a sleek, stunning looking silver pen with a silicone tip (so no sponge that absorbs colour)!!
  7.   Cruelty free, 100% paraben free and vegan friendly!

There are plenty more reasons why every beauty lover needs Plump It!, but we’ll let you see for yourself what the hype is all about, so grab your Plump It! today!

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