Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020: 600 Affordable, Quick & Easy Recipes

Modern-day lifestyle compels us to eat unhealthily. We are leading an active life that is too fast and where cooking is becoming a luxury. Our increasing dependence on fast food and processed food items is perhaps saving time and effort but damaging health irrevocably.


People are turning more and more health conspicuous despite hectic schedules. Choice of food items and the process of cooking are gaining more considerable significance. Alternative health-friendly cooking methods are earning popularity. Frying is getting replaced by baking.


People are gradually moving towards low oil or nil oil cooking methods, and deep-frying is getting replaced by air frying. We can find many brands of air fryers in the market with a variety of features. I am particularly impressed with the characteristics of Ninja Air fryers, its support service, and cooking features. Also, we can find many tailor-made recipes which are convenient to use with Ninja Air fryers.


Air frying is a technique through which food items are cooked by circulating hot air around them using convection mechanism. This cooking technique lowers oil consumption radically.  Air fryers have become the best friend of health-conscious people who can now enjoy guilt-free snacking along with maintaining their fitness goals.


I am one of those rarest of the rare fitness freaks who cannot control their craving for fried food for a long time. Once in a while, I must ensure that I eat something fried on a cheat day. But the guilt would not make the experience enjoyable. That is how I started using air fryers.


Many of the air fryer users are unaware of the plethora of cooking options available on this cooking appliance. I also came across people who find using the air fryer bit inconvenient or cannot use it to its fullest potential. The cookbook deals with all aspects of air frying and resolves all the issues.



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Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2020: 600 Quick & Easy Recipes