The Diabetic Recipe Book – 365 Healthy Low-Carb Recipes


In this book, you’ll find some of the tastiest and healthiest recipes that you can easily make in your home kitchen. You’ll find classic recipes that have been adapted to suit the nutritional needs of diabetics.


The recipes in this book will help the diabetic stay within range of normal of sugar levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert cook, you’ll find recipes that will suit your skill level as well. This book was made specifically for the purpose of making it easy for anyone to cook for diabetics. Recipes will range from the simplest 3 ingredients all the way to the more sophisticated 12 ingredient recipes that have multiple steps for cooking.


Please note this is an ELECTRONIC PDF of the book - not a physical book, it is a digital book to use with any e-reader, tablet, PC, Kindle or Smartphone.


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What is an eBook?

eBook means electronic book, it is a digital version of your manuscript. Electronic books consist of text, images, or both. They can be read on most mobile devices, including smartphones: like the iPhone or Android; tablets: like an iPad or Surface; and eReaders: like a Kindle or Nook. It's like carrying a library with you on the road.


Why Buy Books in Digital Format?

1. You help preserve the environment by not wasting paper.

2. You can carry a lot of Magazines in your electronic devices Cellular, Tablets, Laptop. (practical for students and professionals)

3. Cheaper than printed Magazines and do not occupy space.

4. Allows you to access reading anywhere comfortably.

The Diabetic Recipe Book – 365 Healthy Low-Carb Recipes



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