The Fast 800 How to combine rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting for long-term health by Michael Mosley


FROM THE CREATOR OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING 5:2, A SIMPLE, FLEXIBLE NEW PROGRAMME BASED ON GROUNDBREAKING SCIENCE - A simple, one-stop-shop programme, with more manageable 800-calorie fasting days Includes an exciting new evidence-based approach called Time Restricted Eating (TRE), which can be used in tandem with the Fast 800 to accelerate results. Includes more than 50 calorie-counted, Mediterranean-style recipes by Dr Clare Bailey, wife of Michael Mosley and the author of the bestselling 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book. Working on his personal rationale that he always tries the things he recommends, Michael puts on nearly 10% of his body weight for the book - about 14lb - and then test-drives the Fast 800, with stunning results. 3 million copies sold internationally across the three existing titles (rights sold in more than 40 territories worldwide). From late Feb 2019 through to end of March, Michael will be on a speaking tour of the UK, discussing the book and the science that lies behind it.


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The Fast 800 How to combine rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting



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