Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook  -  1000 Plant-Based Recipes


The Vegan Diet is continually gaining popularity for all the right reasons.
However, most people still shun this natural diet as they think it’s all about
eating bland tasting greens. This beginners diet guide is the perfect
introduction to the beautiful vegan lifestyle, complete with the most delicious
recipes you’ll ever eat without feeling meat deprived.

Whether you are a veteran Vegan or looking to adopt a clean and healthy
lifestyle or are looking to transition from a vegetarian lifestyle to a purely
vegan lifestyle, this diet guide will hold your hand through the entire process.
We will start by looking at where the Vegan diet all began and how it has
grown to be one of the most popular health movements. We will also teach
you how to transition gently into the vegan diet without feeling deprived and
all the beautiful things you can expect to gain in addition to great health.
Once we are through with all the intricate details of the vegan diet, we are
going to jump right into some of the easiest and tastiest vegan Instant Pot
recipes that will introduce you to a tasty vegan lifestyle. Do you feel as
though you are a carnivorous person? Well, you will be very pleased to learn
that we also have vegan meats as you will see from some of our recipes,
which even have the same texture and taste as meat.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the Vegan diet and the Vegan
lifestyle in general. We will take you through all the important aspects of the
vegan diet and most of all, by the time you are through with this book, you
will be 100 percent ready to embark on your Vegan journey.


Of all the basic tenets of our lives, health is perhaps the most important. The
Vegan diet is one of the healthiest diets stemming from the fresh, natural and
wholesome foods that constitute the vegan diet.


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Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook



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